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About Lockwood & Sloan

Lockwood & Sloan is your source for gorgeous, rare topaz with colors you won't find anywhere else.


We can all agree that  gemstones as unique and special as the people and memories they are meant to celebrate are a rare find.

You want a stunning gemstone that is colorful, vibrant and feels like it was made just for you. 

Why wear a gem identical to the ones a thousand other women already have?


Hunting down one-of-a-kind jewels that you will wear and pass down to your children is our passion.


And I'm Rachael Sloan. I make sure our gems are out in the world for you to see!

This is Gregg Lockwood. He's the adventurer who travels the world seeking ethical sources of the most beautiful gem rough.


We work with a couple of talented precision gem cutters here in the States, as well as one exceptional cutter in China to turn rare gemstone rough like this...

imperial topaz parcel_edited.jpg

Into brilliant one-of-a-kind jewels like these...


We can't wait to help you find that one perfect gemstone that was made just for you!


You are unique, special and perfect just as you are. There is a gemstone meant just for you!

Lockwood & Sloan is about celebrating you.

We want to return the love with exceptional gemstones that are just right for YOU!

This business brings so much joy and adventure into our lives.

You're always worth it.

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