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Which Gemstone is Worth More?

Are you shopping for colored stones, online or in a jewelry store, but don't understand why one gem is more expensive than another?
Are you afraid you might overpay for a gemstone, or be taken advantage of?

It’s natural to have these concerns, especially when you’re new to colored stones or haven’t been taught how to evaluate their quality.


The good news is that I’ve got an excellent tool that you can start using, today, to compare gemstones, understand which features affect their value AND discover the exact pressure points to push when negotiating a great price for any colored stone.


Once you complete this worksheet, you’ll be confident in knowing:


  1. Exactly why one gem is more expensive than another, AND 

  2. The specific qualities of each gem that can help you negotiate an amazing price.

I'm Ready to Make Gem Shopping Easy!

Check your inbox! Your Worksheet is on it's way.

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