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Your soul is vibrant.

Treat Yourself. You Deserve it.

Ethical, rare, brilliant gemstones for independent, spirited women like you.

Be you most authentic self; live your most passionate life.

You get to see them first.

Lockwood and Sloan VIPs get first dibs on our newest stones.

Extraordinarily Rare Imperial Topaz

At Lockwood & Sloan we specialize in bringing you golden, imperial and pink topaz, some of the rarest gems on earth.

Each stone is absolutely unique. Its color, its cut, its story... each gem is truly one of a kind,  just like you.

Shop Rare Topaz 

We're Gregg Lockwood & Rachael Sloan

We're restaurateurs turned gem hunters, with a passion for making people happy.


We used to woo folks with food, now we have the joyous job of helping you find your perfect jewel, the one meant just for you.  

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