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Fantasy Cut Pink Topaz 3.52 cts

Fantasy Cut Pink Topaz 3.52 cts


Pink. Really, really pink. Natural. Certified. Concave fantasy cut by Chris Wolfsberg. This stone is a rich, electric pink, a color that is SO RARELY seen. This is the real deal, all natural, untreated. This color won't change or fade with any amount of time or sunlight. Truly a unique and special stone. 


Dimensions: 11.72mm x 6.80mm x 6.14mm

Color: Electric Saturated Pink

Carat Weight: 3.52

Cut: Fantasy Cut by Chris Wolfsberg

Clarity: Eye Clean

Price/carat: $3400


All of our topaz comes from one small and ethical independent mine. The story of your gem, from the earth to your jewelry box, is always available to any customer. 


This topaz is the real deal. Natural. Untreated. Color that will not fade. If you want something that is truly rare, that will still be fiery, brilliant and valuable when your great-grandchildren inherit it, then you are in the right place.

  • Return Policy

    Your happiness is the only thing we care about.  If you don't LOVE this stone, send it back for a full refund, no questions asked. 

  • Gemstone Certification

    This stone has been tested and certified by the North American Gem Lab in Bellevue, WA. Don't know the NAGL? Want a GIA report? We'll have this stone tested anywhere you like. 

  • Shipping

    Shipping is free within the United States. Please choose an option during checkout or contact us for international shipping rates. 

  • Etsy

    Is this the first time you've purchased a gem from us? We're good and honest people. And we rely on our good reputation to stay in business.  But we do understand that you may be looking for added security when shopping for an expensive stone. 


    You may always choose to purchase any of our stones through our Etsy store.


    Etsy holds your money in escrow until you receive your gemstone. They do happen to charge us a fat 8% of the sale price to do that, so you may notice that some of our prices are a notch higher on Etsy than here on our website. 

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