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The best way to collect Imperial Topaz.


& Sloan

Lockwood & Sloan VIPs get exclusive first dibs on our latest gems.

Lockwood & Sloan VIPs have the first choice of our new gems every month, PLUS unique monthly discounts.

Through a private link our VIPs receive 3 days of exclusive access to our latest gems released each month. 

Each month you'll get 4 emails:

  • FIRST - A day before reminder on the last day of the month to watch your inbox on the first.

  • SECOND - A day of email with a link to the private VIP page showing you our latest gems!

  • THIRD - A day before reminder on the 14th to watch your inbox for amazing discounts.

  • FOURTH- A day of email with an exclusive discount code just for our VIPs!

All Lockwood & Sloan VIPs get 72 hours of exclusive access to our latest gems AND a private discount code each month.

After 72 hours our new gems will be released to the public and promoted on Facebook and Instagram.

Don't forget, you'll have private access for only three days and then the gemstones will go public.

Only Lockwood & Sloan VIPs will have exclusive access. And only VIPs will get a private discount code each month!

We are so excited to help you find your perfect gem! You make our great adventures happen.

Thank You!

Gregg      &      Rachael

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